Jimmy Brown

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    I am a combat veteran. I served in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm, I served again in Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Oregon Army National Guard, and I continue to serve in the military of my own free will.

    I presently work as a certified farrier (a professional horseshoer). One of my local horse clients told me about this event and I felt compelled to participate. Too many of our nation’s war heroes are living alone, hungry, and cold in the darkest of nights behind super markets… in the feeble shelter of a bus stop… or among worn out tires in a tractor trailer warehouse area.

    I’ve seen the homeless with my own eyes. In 2012-2013, I worked armed security right here in our local community after serving as an infantryman in Iraq. You may not have seen me. A fair amount of my time was working throughout the night… sometimes in the cold snow. I conducted a mobile patrol along your street while you were sleeping. I checked upon your schools. I ascended the stairs in your church with my pistol drawn and flashlight after finding an open door. And I have seen the homeless on our streets sleeping in their own urine with little more than a worn out blanket and an empty 40 ounce bottle of cheap beer.

    It shouldn’t be this way. Our combat veterans deserve better. They have sacrificed everything in servitude towards our country.

    I know what it is like to return from combat to nothing. I know what it is like to be willing to sacrifice my own life for the welfare of others. I know what it is like to give up all that I hold near and dear to me so that others can sleep in peace. I know what it is like to have the honor to serve with my brave combat brothers in arms in defending freedom and protecting one another. And I know what it is like to see some of those brave men living today… alone… and with no one to care about them in a dark, cold, empty excuse for a shelter to protect them from the weather.

    I believe that our combat veterans deserve better than this… and I’m willing to participate in A Night in a Box to show my limited support and gratitude for their personal sacrifices.

    SGT Jimmy Brown

    Oregon Army National Guard

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