Carissa Garcia

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    Praise The Lord!

    Anightinabox is something I want to be apart of not only for myself,but to raise awareness within our community that there’s those who can be reached through humility and love of Christ. There’s been so many nights when I was struggling with addiction that I didn’t even know where I was going to sleep,and the fear of it being cold and if id have food to eat. By the grace of God he redeemed me from that because of Ministries that share the love of Jesus.

    I’m very thankful that The Lighthouse Ministries is here in Wenatchee, Wa. I’ve been able to grow at the Bible studies and watch love pour out to those who frequently visit. And there’s been so many mighty miracles I’ve heard of and been able to see in the people who have been blessed by The Lighthouse. Thank you Jesus for making this annual event something so purposeful.

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