Night in a box 2017

God is using the Lighthouse Christian Ministries in amazing ways, doing amazing things, and transforming people lives! God has created, established, and lead the LCM in everything they do for him! This event is so YOU can see what it is like for so many people who are enduring the cold at night. You can make a difference. The LCM started with one person saying yes to God. Now so many more have said yes to Him. Say yes!

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    When I was growing up I saw my dad’s lifestyle in and out of homelessness. When he moved to Wenatchee he got involved with the Lighthouse Christian Ministries. God used LCM in my dad’s life and completely ratified him. This changed my life as well in every way. God uses the LCM in so many ways to change people lives! This is why I am doing Night in a box! To support God in this Ministry!

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Come to night in a box on November 11 to support Homelessness
$25.00 raised
GOAL: $300.00
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