Daphne Maxime

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    Hello my name is Daphne, I choose to spend the night to help raise awareness for the needs of homeless during this time of year. As I reflect back to the mid 1980’s where our dad had spent many a night with his “buddies” (who were homeless) in Oroville, Wa. When dad came home late at night or the next morning he had no coat, gloves, or boots at different times. My sisters’/or I would ask him, “Dad where’s your _______?” His reply, “Oh my buddy needed it more than I did, I know I have more at home.”

    I, myself had spent the night in my car a few years ago on a cold winter night (because of an argument I’d had with my boyfriend at the time)

    PLEASE, help show your support for this worthy cause, by cash donation/volunteering/ or even moral support!! Thank you & I pray many Blessings of Love, Warmth & Comfort to ALL in need. Blessings to ALL team members of “A Night in the Box”…in Jesus Precious name AMEN!!!

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