from helpless to helping

I was homeless in 2011 due to addiction and an abusive relationship situation.  I sought treatment and began my journey to restoration and rehabilitation.  A huge part of that process was Lighthouse Ministries.  They offered meals midday which were much needed as I had many appointments in the downtown area and no transportation to get back and forth to have meals, as more often than not the appointments were back to back.  The Lighthouse also was the first church home I found straight out of treatment.  I often arrived to Sunday brunch and stayed for service in my pajamas.  I was still very sick and tired.  They always welcomed me with open arms and hearts.  The supplemental services of bread, veggies (during harvest time) really complemented my nutritional needs as I had limited grocery budget and could count on these items from them, leaving me more food money to stretch through the month with.  The clothing table also was a God Sent as seasons changed and I put on a few pounds as I began to take better care of myself.  Finally, after I had been stable and clean for a year I was able to begin offering others coming in off the streets hope, and testimony of God' love and support.  So it is with honor and gratitude that I will sleep in a box for my second year in a row.  May God bless you, as you bless others. He has truly blessed me. 

My name is Kristina Fry, I first stumbled across the Lighthouse Ministries in 2009 when I was in need of some help. Since then the Lighthouse has served myself and many others in our community with priceless support and love. I am no longer in need of t
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