Bryan Powell

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    On this day 2017 I had 3 days off of methamphetamine use I just got off the streets from being homeless waiting for a bed date in treatment…gave my life to Jesus…was living at the gospel house while I waited to go to treatment and showed up to this event not only to help out but to support a ministry that helped save my life as of today I’m 10 days shy a two years off of alcohol and every other drug I live a life today with Jesus.. full of service helping others and a full heart and continue to give my time into this event if it wasn’t for the lighthouse Christian ministries believing in..and telling me I was better than what I thought I was and showing me a way to walk with Jesus in my life… To help build a firm foundation with the word of God… I would still be out there lost if not dead… First off I owe my life to Jesus cuz he paid the highest price possible for me…second of all to all the different pastors and brothers and disciplers in this town that sowed into my Life and gave me the opportunity to be able to sow into other people’s lives… LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES CAN ONLY KEEP HELPING PEOPLE LIKE ME AND NEED WITH THE HELP AND SUPPORT OF THIS COMMUNITYPLEASE HELP KEEP THE LIGHT SHINING BRIGHT THAT HELP OTHERS IN NEED FIND THEIR WAY HOMELIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES IS MORE THAN BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNERTYJAND GOD BLESS

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