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I am thankful for this way of raising support for our local ministries to those who are homeless.  After spending only one cold night in a box last year, I found my eyes were opened to so many people I tend to pass every day without really seeing them.  There are homeless people all around us. See them. And listen to God's heart. 

I'm very thankful for a  dear friend I made this past year who allowed me to walk with her through a tough season that includes homelessness in that she doesn't have a place of her own, but also literally when she had nowhere to sleep for some time and had to live in her car.  This year I am staying in the box in honor of her, and of others like her, as well as in thankfulness to the ministries in our town who provide so much support, relief and comfort to those who find themselves desperate for help and a place to sleep in safety.  

Please support these people through the Lighthouse ministries by using the link on this page to give generously.  

Thank you so much!  

~Tonya Griffith 

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I am a teacher and coach here in Wenatchee. I have always felt called to somehow help those who are the most isolated of all.
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